About the Release

The Kosta Browne customer service team will ensure your allocation is secured and your wines are safely shipped, once the weather cools. As with previous releases, you can expect notifications when your order is confirmed, shipping notifications and/or other pertinent updates. The team is awaiting your questions via email or phone.

Kosta Browne Winemaking team

My last name will forever be synonymous with Kosta Browne and I’ll always be proud of what Kosta Browne accomplished. I also have a healthy admiration for all the people associated with the winery over the years that helped enable my success. At the top of that list is Nico Cueva. Nico joined me in winemaking in 2009, as I was launching CIRQ and was elevated to Winemaker in 2016 when I started reducing my operational time with Kosta Browne. Every winemaker brings themselves into their wines, and Nico is no different. But Nico knows what the Kosta Browne style is, having worked under me for five years. And he understands the importance of controlled evolution in the vineyards and the wines. He’s done an amazing job. Kosta Browne is in great hands and I look forward to watching its continued success.

Treehouse & Bootleggers Vineyard

When CIRQ was born in the spring of 2009, it gave me the great fortune of planting and developing the Treehouse and Bootleggers Hill vineyards, something I didn’t have the opportunity to do under Kosta Browne because it was sourcing from mature vineyard sites. This being said, the next chapter of CIRQ will focus on a new winemaking approach from several Russian River sites. I will always cherish the experience of bringing these vineyards into their own, but I chose to leave operational control of these two incredible vineyards in the care of Nico and Kosta Browne effective with the 2016 vintage.

How can I continue to receive Treehouse and Bootlegger’s Hill Wines?

For current and new Kosta Browne list members, we will reserve you a guaranteed allocation of Kosta Browne Treehouse Pinot Noir and Bootlegger’s Hill Pinot Noir beginning with the 2016 vintage, released in 2019. Please stay tuned for future communications about our offerings as well as events at the winery. We welcome those of you who are new to Kosta Browne and are grateful for the continued support from our existing members.

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